About Us

What Is Yuva Reporter Program?

The Yuva Reporter Program by NEWJ is a platform for youngsters who are passionate about creative storytelling, video production and citizen journalism. We are looking for mobile-obsessed millennials who can cover stories that are unheard of, stories from the grassroots and emerging towns and cities.

What’s In It For You?


Learning material for video production and social media


Performance-based stipend for every selected story


Selected stories to be featured across social media platforms


Certificate of experience on completion of tenure


Career launchpad in video journalism & online media


  • Commitment of 4-5 hours weekly for a period of 3-6 months
  • Explore stories which are unique, positive and newsworthy
  • Cover stories in video format with bytes and creative shots
  • Send 4-5 stories every month to NEWJ


What people say about NEWJ


  • A growing tech-media startup focused on video content for the smartphone obsessed young Indians, covering stories of Bharat.
  • We aim to nurture the next-generation visual storytellers, Vloggers and citizen journalists from emerging towns and cities.
  • We are here to equip youngsters with basic skills of media production, social media and latest technologies.
  • Our goal is to bridge the urban-rural divide in the digital media space.

FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions

NEWJ Yuva Reporters are upcoming video journalists and storytellers spread across India. As NEWJ’s Yuva Reporter, you are responsible for documenting relevant stories from the grassroots and bring forth stories that touch people from all walks of life.

NEWJ reserves the copyright and ownership of the material submitted with credits given to the creator/producer of the video. Every video must be an original piece of work and cannot include any copyrighted content.

Preferably yes, since the Yuva Reporter will be credited for the produced story. However, if the reporter wants to go by a pen-name, that is acceptable too.

Yes. For every approved story, you will earn a stipend between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000, depending on the quality of production.

No, it is advisable not to share your work before NEWJ publishes the approved story. Upon publishing, reporters can share their stories from NEWJ’s social media pages.

Deadlines depend upon the timeliness of the story. Mostly breaking and hard news have a short shelf life. In the case of stories related to politics or crime deadlines are to be considered. However, a lot of pieces are not time-sensitive and deal with an issue rather than a specific event. For instance, Lifestyle, Travel and Human-interest stories are not necessarily time-sensitive.

All travel expenses shall be borne by the reporters only.

NEWJ Yuva Reporter stories will be shared on NEWJ’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube handles.

Yes. On completion of 3 months as Yuva Reporter.